Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is what happens when you take a shower while your 2 and 3 year old should still be asleep

It was a peaceful morning, and the babies were still asleep, so I thought, "Hey, I stink, take a shower."
I would not advise this. As this is what happened. They were very quiet about it, and it took only 15 minutes for them to do this.
I have only this to say. Carrot Juice does NOT come out of beige shag carpet, and neither does Bolthouse Farms Blue Juice. Coffee creamer is still sticky even after you have shampooed the carpet 3000 times, and I think yogurt has acid in it, cuz it ate through the finish on the coffee table.
It took me 2 hours of staring at this, and 25 phone calls to my husband at work to scream at him about his evil gene pool before I could even bring myself to begin to clean it up, and even then I kept staring at it, thinking, "WHAT THE HELL?"
So I took pictures to show THEIR children one day, and suggest they do the same.
I guess I could say that the blue and orange stains work as we are die hard Chicago Bears fans, but somehow, that did not make me feel better. And my living room smelled like Irish Cream coffee creamer until the day we moved. I now become nauseous if I ever come in contact with that particular varity of creamer. But I still drink blue juice and carrot juice....

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