Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet The Family...DJ

This is DJ. He is my oldest. I am going to post a series of Meet the Family, and he came first, cuz he is first.

Dj is the King of Bored. He has whined he was bored while at a monster truck rally. I am , quite frankly, concerned about this. Sometimes I think he is still going to be living in my basement when he is 35 nagging me about his allowance and bitching about being bored.

On the upside, the boy can cook like nobodies business. He can run 3 miles without being out of breath, and is a mathematical savant. And, he is Beautiful. This was the child, when taken out in public as an infant, would cause people to disregard all the BLUE surrounding him and tell me what a beautiful little girl I had. This enraged his father. Then they would try to touch him, which enraged me. We stopped taking him out. Could that be the reason he IS ALWAYS BORED?

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