Thursday, June 4, 2009

Easy street

This is our cat Bolt, aka Crack Jack. He has been known to attack the dog and hang from her jowls by the teeth and come flying out of our pine tree from 20 feet up and land on the other cat, Stormy, who is very old, and very fat. Needless to say, Stormy does not appreciate the behavior of the cat on crack. Strange, but the dog does. In fact, she and this cat are inseparable. Zena recently saved the cat from certain death by refusing to move, and crying at the back gate to alert us to the fact that Crack Jack was stuck under the raingutter during a storm.
I have been seriously considering taking this cat to the no kill shelter, as I got him at Christmas for my son Jordan when I got Breanna her beloved Bella. I only did this because the lady at the Animal Shelter informed me that he was going to be put down the next day, and that would have been Christmas Eve. I couldn't have that, and so we got 2 for the price of one.
However, this animal has an aversion to the litter box. He prefers the living room corner. I cannot have this as we once moved into a house once inhabited by 80 cats. Thats a story I'll save for another time. But this left my husband with an aversion to cats in general, and was only talked into getting one (umm, yeah, 2) by the only little girl we have, and her big blue eyes. I have tried every humane tactic I have heard of and he still insists on going over there, and leaving presents for us. He is so brazen about it! He will look you right in the eye while he befowls the house, as you are screaming and looking for the spray bottle of vinegar and water to shoot him with. I think the dog is the only reason he is still here. That, and because he is cute. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. He is again on death row, and about to be released into the wild by one irate husband, who does not care that I saved his life on Chritmas Eve.