Saturday, April 25, 2009


Why are they always BORED? In my experience, one is really only bored when they haven't the brain power or creativity to find a way to entertain themselves. These children have more squawk box gadgets, computers and games then I ever imagined possible when I was 16. Yet, that is the most common phrase said in this house. Could this be the reason they are prone to dating clowns? I myself have found numerous ways of entertaining myself at her, and by extension, my sons expense lately. Some involved a big red foam nose, my husbands shoes....COME ON PEOPLE!
THIS is the only living thing in our house with a legit reason for boredom, and that is only because I will not allow her to stay outside in the rain barking at every passing car and making the neighbor shit himself by snarling at him through the fence...And she stinks like, well....wet dog when she comes back in, and befowls the couch with her stench. I really don't care about the neighbors incontinence, as his pigeon shits on my car EVERY TIME I WASH IT.

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