Monday, April 13, 2009

Where is this bunny exactly?

Just wondering, where is this mythical bunny? Somewhere along the way I have gotten sick of doing all the work and giving all the credit to some imaginary animal. With toddlers, I can see the logic to an extent, but when you get to the teenagers, really?

Do we have to buy them new clothes and give them candy for no reason other than they were born? They know there is no bunny, but cannot say that in front of the babies, so they just say how the bunny should have known they wanted a red shirt instead of a blue one, and then they refuse to participate in the "stupid freakin easter egg hunt" where upon I inform them that if they would like to opt out of Easter they can give the stupid freakin bunny back all the crap "it" gave them and stop cramming all the cupcakes down their throats.

And another thing, is this bunny a girl bunny or a boy bunny? My 5 yr old daughter and my 6 yr old son came to blows over this particular issue. I could shed no light on the subject but did not know that it was such an important issue. Needless to say they did Not agree to disagree, so Breanna, my heathen of a little girl, chucked a snowboarding boot at Jordans head, so he ripped the head off her barbie. Guess I shouldn't have chosen that particular moment to glaze the stupid ham...

And how was your holiday?

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