Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirates in '09 or Dog Breeds?

Just wondering, with all that is going on in our country right now, why is it that the top news story isn't the fact that we are having serious issues with pirates, it's that the president got a new dog? I wasn't aware that the getting a new dog was such a newsworthy and, apparently important story that it bumped the pirate story.

When I told my husband last week that pirates had taken an American ship hostage, he thought that I was having one of my looped out of my mind moments. That or having flashbacks from one of the tacky romance novels I used to have the time to read. He even put down the Wii remote to watch the story, and that in itself is newsworthy.

Really though, PIRATES? In 2009? Why didn't we hear about this sooner? Apparently other countries have been dealing with these One Eyed Willie revivals for quite some time now, but it has been rarely reported in the US. I googled it, and there have been quite a few stories on the BBC and various other European news sources, and yet it just slipped through the American presses crack/canyon?

I have nothing against dogs, I have one, and I really do love her...most of the time. I have chosen to look at it this way, the President really is keeping ALL of his promises, and I respect him even more for keeping his promise to his children. I myself have found myself trapped in a pet store promising my screeching 5 year old that, someday I promise I will get you that hamster if you will just stop yammering and get up off the floor! And someday I will! I will indeed go purchase her that coveted rodent, and hand it to her in a big pink rodent bubble with a bow on top when she leaves for college. See, I keep my promises too...

Just a question, but can we not just bomb the crap out of these lunatics trolling the waters in a paddle boat with an AK47? We do have spy planes, and satellites. Can we not spare one to seek them out and then drop a grenade into their tugboat? Why must we wait till things get this out of hand?

And why are we repeating history? I don't know anyone who is enjoying this reliving of the Great Depression. And yet, I read something about some people who, obviously, have been listening to Rush Limbaugh too much, and have now begun organizing "Tea Parties" akin to the Boston Tea Party to protest President Obama raising taxes. Umm... K. Taxes have been lowered for all income brackets but the highest incomes, which is like 2 percent of the population. So really, they are just protesting Mr. Limbaugh's taxes being raised, because I know all of those people I saw on the news are not millionaires. If they can find the time to stand around at a mock tea party, can they not find the time to check and see if this tax hike is going to hit them in the pocketbook, or do they just have too much free time? Do some charity work people, go to a soup kitchen or volunteer for pirate watch, but for the love of god, quit dragging those babies out into the street in a tricorn hat and a onesie to protest an issue that exists only in the fat mans bloated head. RANT OVER!

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